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Florida Public Utilities

FPU Corporate Values

Strong Values. Solid Company.

Florida Public Utilities is proud to be part of Chesapeake and to have a common set of values to work and live by. We believe that a Company is only as strong as its values.

Our Values

  • Every day we make decisions that impact our customers and other stakeholders. We will go above and beyond the norm to do the honorable thing.
  • We want to create a personal connection with people, like they are family. We want to make every customer experience a positive one. We treat every customer contact as an opportunity to create a personal connection that leads to customers promoting us with their friends and in the community.
  • We don’t rest on our laurels. We always strive to find new and better solutions. We know we must continue to improve and get better every day. We encourage innovation and a sense of urgency in all our team members.
  • We are relentless. We approach everything with determination and drive. Our focus on growth and continuous improvement create a culture where everyone’s efforts matter.
  • We are results-oriented. We will make a meaningful impact. By having a strategic approach in our planning and goal setting, team members know the direction we are going and work hard every day to make it happen.