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Central Florida Gas

New Name. Same Energy.
Welcome To Your New FPU!

We are pleased to announce that Central Florida Gas (CFG) and Florida Public Utilities (FPU) are now one solid company!

Both Central Florida Gas and Florida Public Utilities are proud to operate under ‘parent company’ Chesapeake Utilities.

Please visit the FPU web site for virtually everything you need to know about your energy service, including:

  • Payment and account information
  • Numerous value-added programs and services
  • Potential rebates and other energy-saving resources
  • More detailed information on the CFG/FPU merger
  • And more!

Florida Public Utilities Homepage

Plus, check out FAQs below to find answers to common questions regarding the transition from CFG to FPU.

When Did the Merger Occur?
While the merger was first announced in 2010, Central Florida Gas didn’t officially become a division of Florida Public Utilities until March 2011.
How Has The Transition Affected Me?
Because FPU and CFG handled all the paperwork and other service-related logistics concerning the merger, the transition has been extremely seamless and has required virtually no effort from customers. And while you can expect to see all the same local faces from your doorstep to ours, you may also notice improvements in your energy service, including greater resources, new value-added programs and more.
How Do I Make Payments?
While this information will depend on your preferred method-of-payment, customers can refer to their monthly bill for additional payment instructions and details. Or, please visit FPU’s web site to view a complete and current list of payment options.
Have My Rates Changed?
No. You will continue to receive the same rates provided by Central Florida Gas.
Click to view CFG’s Natural Gas Tariff
Can I Continue Taking Advantage Of CFG’s Rebates, Programs And So Forth?
As an FPU customer, you are offered all of the rebates, programs and service benefits offered by CFG—and then some. While specifics regarding this will depend on your energy type, please visit to learn more.
Who Do I Contact For Specific Questions About My Account?
For questions regarding your energy service, billing and more, please call an FPU Customer Service Representative at:

800.427.7712 (Natural Gas Customers)

855.583.4973 (Propane Customers)

Where Can I Find an Approved List of Pool Managers?
Central Florida Gas wants to make sure our customers have the information they need to make sound business decisions. We value each customer, so if you have any questions, please know that our customer service department is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Approved List of Pool Managers