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Electric Safety

Power Outages

Report A Regular Power Outage

Report an Electric Outage

To report an outage or see the status of any outages in your area, please click the “Report an Electric Outage” button. You may also call 800.427.7712  to report an outage or if you have any other type of electricity related emergency. Or, call 911 if needed.

Power Outage During Severe Weather

Phone lines are open during storm situations, but please try to keep them free for emergency calls during the initial hours of a storm. The best time to call is after the storm has passed.

You will receive updates on our efforts to restore service from the local media sources, which will help you make the Brest decisions for you and your family. In the aftermath of a major storm, we will also provide service restoration updates to local radio, TV and newspapers to keep you informed of our progress.
NOTE: In Fernandina Beach, our operations are located on a barrier island that is evacuated in the event of a hurricane. Therefore, calls will not be responded to until after the storm.

How FPU Restores Power After a Storm

FPU crews are specially trained technicians whose job is to get your power restored quickly. After a storm, FPU assesses the damage. Then our crews restore electricity to the community so that the most critical services are restored first. Examples of high-priority objectives include:

    1. Damaged power lines directly linked to our electric substations, which must be fixed before all other services can be restored
    2. Organizations that provide essential services to the community, such as:

o Hospitals, fire stations and police stations
o TV and radio stations responsible for emergency communications
o Emergency assistance services, such as the Red Cross
o Designated sewage and water utilities
o Airports, electronically operated bridges and rapid transit systems

If someone at your home is reliant upon medical equipment that requires power immediately, it’s advised to go to the nearest medical facility if you fear your medical equipment lacks adequate backup.

Our experienced team of professionals will be working around the clock to restore your service as quickly and safely as possible. We appreciate your patience.