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Electric Residential Information

Redeeming Your Rebate

To redeem your FPU rebate, you can submit your rebate claim online or through the mail.


Redeeming Online Rebates

To claim an online rebate, visit our Online Rebate Center. Here you can find everything you need, step-by-step, to complete the online application. This includes detailed instructions on how to upload the Required Online Rebate Documents, as well as a dedicated link to track your online rebate.

Apply for Your Rebate Online!


Redeeming Mail-In Rebates

To claim a mail-in rebate, fill out our Customer Rebate Form and submit with the other Required Mail-In Rebate Documents (listed below). You can choose to either email us your digital files or mail us hard copies.


Required Mail-In Rebate Documents

In order to redeem your mail-in rebate, you must provide FPU with a total of three items.

    • The proof of purchase receipt you received from the appliance retailer
    • Proof of installation for the appliance purchased (receipts preferred but photos accepted)
    • An FPU Customer Rebate Form (download one of the forms below)

Download FPU Residential and Commercial Rebate Form


Tracking Your Mail-In Rebate

To check the status of an FPU rebate, simply click on the following link:

Track Your FPU Rebate