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Welcome Fort Meade Customers

Q. Why am I getting a separate bill for natural gas?

A. FPU has purchased the natural gas operating and distribution system from the City of Fort Meade. The City will still bill you for other utilities, including water and electric, but your natural gas bill will now come from FPU.

Q. Why did Fort Meade sell its natural gas operating and distribution system to FPU?

A. In addition to FPU’s ability to expand the system to support future commercial and residential projects in Fort Meade, the City also recognizes FPU’s capacity to support community programs and help drive economic growth.

Q. What is a franchise fee?

A. Approved by the Florida Public Service Commission, a franchise fee is a charge that FPU collects and pays to the City for the use of roads and other city-owned property where natural gas facilities are located. While residents will see a slight increase in their natural gas bill due to a 6% franchise fee, service fees would have also risen had the City maintained the operation of the natural gas system in order to cover training, staffing, maintenance and regulatory compliance requirements.

Q. What are natural gas conservation rebates?

A. Natural gas conservation rebates exist to help offset the cost of including new, energy-efficient natural gas appliances or equipment. This includes up to $1,750 cash back on the purchase/installation of a natural gas residential water heater, range, clothes dryer and furnace—and a rebate of up to $50/ton on natural gas commercial space conditioning equipment. Rebates are delivered to FPU customers by mail in the form of a cash gift card.

Q. When will natural gas rebates be available to Fort Meade customers?

A. Rebates will be available to Fort Meade natural gas customers beginning January 1, 2014.

Q. Are there any other FPU programs or incentives available to Fort Meade Natural gas customers?

A. Yes. Examples of other programs and incentives that will be available to qualifying Fort Meade natural gas customers on January 1, 2014 include Free Energy Check-Ups and more.

Q. How can I pay my natural gas bill?

A. You can take advantage of the following payment options:

  • By Mail: Please mail payments to Florida Public Utilities, PO BOX 825925, Philadelphia, PA 19182-5925 (This address can also be found on your most recent natural gas bill)
  • By Phone: Please call 800.427.7712 (select option 2)
  • Pay Online: Visit on your computer or smartphone. Schedule online payments and avoid fees.
  • Pay at Any Western Union Location: Western Union is a free service with extended hours. Visit to find a location nearest you. Most popular locations include Publix and Winn Dixie.
  • Call Our Electronic Payment System: Call 877.337.3145 to make a payment. ($2.95 fee)

Q. Do I need to bring anything in order to make my payment at a partner payment center location?

A. Yes. Most payment centers require that you have your natural gas bill on hand.

Q. If I have a problem with my natural gas service, how do I contact FPU?

A. Customers can contact FPU’s customer care team at 800.427.7712 and select one of the following prompts:

7: For information specific to Fort Meade customers (dedicated line available until January 15)

1: To report a gas leak or other natural gas related emergency (emergency service available 24/7)

4: For billing related inquiries, or other service related questions or requests

1: For billing-related inquiries

2: For service and repair

Q. What kind of improvements should I expect to see in my natural gas service?

A. In addition to extended customer service hours and more payment options, FPU customers can take advantage of a variety of programs and incentives.