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Florida Public Utilities
Florida Public Utilities 24/7 Emergency Response

Florida Public Utilities Emergency Response

24/7 Emergency Response For Natural Gas/Propane Customers

Please leave the area immediately and call 800.427.7712 if you smell a distinct rotten egg odor or have any other type of gas related emergency. Or, call 911 if needed.

24/7 Emergency Response For Electric Customers

Report an Electric Outage

To report your electric power outage online, please click the orange button to the right to access our online outage system. Here you can search for outages in your area using our map feature, or quickly report your power outage using our online form. You can also still call 800.427.7712 if you experience a power outage or have any other type of electricity related emergency. Or, call 911 if needed.

For more detailed information on energy safety and potential signs of danger, please click on the appropriate link: