Hurricane Michael Restoration Timeline

The legend and map below depict estimated times of restoration by area for those customers who are able to receive service. Colored lines represent cities and towns displayed as well as all affected surrounding areas.

You can also now utilize our interactive map feature to zoom in on your specific area for the anticipated restoration date for that region.

Property owners may need to repair electrical systems before a home or business can receive power. If your electric meter box, conduits, or wires were damaged, please contact a licensed electrician immediately.

Updated: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 – 6:00 pm
Total FPUC Customers Restored: 10,456

FPUC Expected Power Restoration Timeline

Zone 1: Green – 10/29
Zone 2: Yellow – 10/29
Zone 3: Blue – 10/29
Zone 4: Pink  – 10/29
Zone 5: Orange – 10/30
Zone 6: Purple – 10/31

Hurricane Michael Restoration Information


  • Always assume power lines are energized.
    • To prevent injury: stay away, never touch, NEVER drive over them!
    • Stop and report all downed power lines to us at 800-427-7712 or private message us on Facebook.
  • If your power goes out, always insure all appliances are in the OFF position to avoid risk of fire or other danger.
    • Please wait 15 minutes after power is restored to turn appliances back on.
  • Do not use generators indoors.
    • Only use generators outdoors and away from all doors, windows, and vents to keep yourself and your family safe.

For information and resources related to Power Restoration, please visit Learn about: