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Natural Gas in Business


From saving you money to saving the planet, read about the many benefits of natural gas below.

Natural Gas is Green

  • Natural gas is cleaner than petroleum-based fuels and emits far less chemicals associated with acid rain, smog and greenhouse emissions
  • The average natural gas home emits 46% less carbon than its non-gas counterpart
  • Replacing a non-gas water heater with a natural gas tankless water heater prevents approximately 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year

Natural Gas is Efficient

  • Natural gas reaches your home directly at more than three times the efficiency of
    non-gas energy
  • While natural gas provides up to 90% usable energy, up 78% of non-gas’ original energy is already wasted by the time it is delivered to your home

Natural Gas is Economical

  • Natural gas appliances cost up to half as much to operate than their non-gas counterparts
  • Homes with the four major natural gas appliances save an estimated 25%* on energy costs every month

 Natural Gas is Reliable

  • Natural gas is delivered to your home via an underground pipeline and provides nearly 100% reliable service
  • Homes with natural gas can still cook and use hot water*—even when the power goes out
    *In the event of a power outage, a natural gas tank-style water heater continues to operate automatically while a tankless water heater requires a simple battery.

Natural Gas is Domestic

  • Over 97% of the natural gas used in the United States is produced in North America (approximately 84% is domestically produced while the remaining 13% comes from Canada)
  • The direct use of natural gas can help reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil—working to keep over $1 billion energy dollars (and countless jobs) home every month
  • America’s current natural gas supply is set to last well into the next century with a worldwide supply thought to be more plentiful than oil