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Natural Gas Customer Service

Florida Public Utilities Forms 

Ready to apply for a natural gas rebate? Scroll down to find our Rebate Form and get started. You can also find a handy compilation of Florida Public Utilities forms that will help you start new natural gas service, apply for optional programs, like Budget Billing, and take care of a variety of other customer needs.

Online Applications

New Service Inquiry Form
Interested in establishing natural gas service?  Want to know if natural gas is available? Complete this form to get the ball rolling.

Re-establish Service Inquiry Form
Ready to re-establish your FPU service? Complete this form and give Customer Service the information they need to make it happen.

Transfer Service Inquiry Form
Submit an inquiry to transfer your existing FPU service to a new location and/or receive specific information on what energy options are available.

Change/Add Existing Service Inquiry Form
Whether you’d like to incorporate an additional energy or switch energies altogether, click here to get started.

Budget Billing Application
Take the first step toward stabilizing your monthly energy costs with Budget Billing. Enrollment starts here.

Rebate Forms
Ready to collect your FPU rebate(s)? Start by completing one of the following rebate forms. Then send it in and enjoy!

Natural Gas Commercial Rebate Form

Natural Gas Residential Rebate Form


Please note: You must file for your appliance/equipment rebates within 1 year from your purchase date[s]. Rebate offer expires at end of 12-month period.


Deactivation Form
Download and submit this form in order to temporarily or permanently discontinue your natural gas service, turn off a portion of your service at the meter and more.

Demolition Clearance Request FormUse this form to deactivate FPU facilities within your entire property (or a portion of your property) or initiate a proposal to relocate FPU’s gas facilities.

Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form
Apply to have your monthly FPU payment automatically deducted from your checking account and provide the authorization needed to sign up.