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Natural Gas Customer Service

Understanding Your Bill

Your monthly FPU bill will reflect your energy usage based on the read taken from your natural gas meter, which will vary from month to month depending on how much natural gas you use and the current cost of natural gas.

Circumstances affecting your monthly bill include changes in the weather, the number and type of appliances you use, the amount of time you spend at home, and more.

Our Customer Welcome Book (page 4) contains a brief explanation of the bill you will receive from FPU, and the charges approved by the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC).

Customer Welcome Book

Service & Billing Questions

Need Help Understanding Your Bill?

Call 800.427.7712 if you have specific questions regarding your current bill, if you are unable to make a payment and more.

Need Help Reading Your Meter?

Call 800.427.7712 and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to help.