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Natural Gas Energy Saving Tools
We offer free 24/7 online calculators to help you find many ways to save energy and money at

Free Home Energy Check-Ups

A few small changes in your daily routine can really lower your energy bill. FPU’s Free Home Energy Check-Ups provide you with information to understand your energy costs and take control of your savings. Discover ways to save energy and money with a Free Energy Check-Up for your home!

What Is A Home Energy Check-Up?

A free, in-person analysis of your home’s energy use.


Reduce energy costs Improved energy-efficiency adds value and comfort to your home
Get 2 free energy-saving light bulbs for participating Identify energy-saving products and programs, including available rebates
Customized savings from a free energy-saving resource See how much energy you’re using and discover new news to save

How It Works

Get free, on-site analysis of your energy use. Our Energy Expert comes to your home to evaluate your energy usage.
See how much energy you’re using. We will pre-examine your usage history and other variables specific to your home. Elements evaluated on-site include your building envelope (e.g. walls, windows, insulation), your home appliances, lighting, and more.
Discover new ways to save.Learn general information to better understand and control your energy usage, and see where you have opportunities to save.
Qualify for rebates. Our Energy Expert can help you apply for rebates on high-efficiency upgrades that will add comfort and value to your home.
Get personalized savings plan. Get a customized analysis of your energy use filled with specific recommendations you can use to save on energy costs. Also receive two energy-saving light bulbs,
in exchange for your participation.

We Can Help You Start Saving Today!

Take control of your energy costs by scheduling a Free Home Energy Check-Up.

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