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Natural Gas Safety

Transmission Pipeline Info

Natural Gas Pipeline Marker

Transmission Pipeline Markers

It’s important to know how to identify a transmission pipeline right-of-way (ROW), especially at road crossings, fence lines and street intersections. Phone numbers are located on pipeline markers if an emergency is suspected.

Pipeline markers do not indicate the exact location or depth of the pipeline and may not be present in certain areas. Therefore, it’s important to call 811 in order to locate and mark the location of utility lines, and it’s imperative to call 811 before you dig. (Even for the smallest digging projects!)

High Consequence Areas

In accordance with federal regulations, some segments along transmission pipelines have been designated as High Consequence Areas (HCAs), and supplemental hazard assessment and prevention programs (called Integrity Management Programs) can be obtained or viewed upon request.

Integrity Management Programs

To obtain an overview of FPU’s Integrity Management Program, please call FPU at 800.427.7712 and ask to speak to the Compliance Manager.