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Natural Gas in Business

Provider Choice Program

FPU’s Provider Choice Program gives you—the qualifying business owner—an opportunity to pick your natural gas Provider based on the pricing/service structure that best suits your energy needs. Designed to help qualifying customers receive maximum and individualized benefit from their natural gas service, our Provider Choice Program (formerly known as Transportation Services) allows you to:

  • Shop around for—and potentially choose—a natural gas Provider based on current rates, ‘value-added’ programs and other potential offers
  • Continue to receive natural gas through FPU’s distribution system while purchasing it from an Alternate Provider
  • Possibly reduce or better manage your energy costs on an immediate and/or long-term basis
Please be aware that FPU/CFG employees and contractors will always carry ID and will never ask you for your account information. If you are approached by another Provider regarding the purchase of natural gas or natural gas equipment, and are unsure about their relationship with FPU, please call us at 800.427.7712. You can also find an Approved List of Providers in our ‘Info For Customers’ section.