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Florida Public Utilities
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Florida Public Utilities Payment Options

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Pay online. Pay by phone. Or choose another payment method. With FPU’s list of flexible payment options, you can pay your utility bill in the way most convenient for you.

Please be aware of unaffiliated bill pay websites that may represent themselves as Florida Public
Utilities. Submitting your payment using an unaffiliated payment service may result in late fees,
unnecessary charges and possible service interruption.

To make a secure payment directly to FPU, click on the Log in button below.

Online Bill Manager:
View / Schedule / Pay

  • Schedule a payment OR select to have your payments made automatically
  • View current or previous month’s statements
  • Enjoy FREE, quick and easy enrollment
  • Manage your account, including payment reminders, timed logout, paperless billing and more
Account Manager Screen

Questions? View the Online Billing FAQ

Other Payment Options

Make a One-Time Payment

  • Quickly make a payment using your checking/savings account, credit or debit card
  • No registration required
  • You must have your account number on hand to use this online service
  • Please Note: A $2.95 processing fee will apply to your payment for each increment of $500. (For example, if your bill is $499.99 or less, you will pay a $2.95 processing fee. If your bill is $500-$999.99, you will pay a $5.90 processing fee. If your bill is $1,000-$1,499.99, you will pay $8.85 processing fee.)
  • If you have received a disconnection notice, please call us BEFORE you make your payment to avoid being disconnected.

Pay By Mail

Send checks to the address shown on your bill with your account number clearly notated. Please include your original FPU ‘bill stub’ to ensure that your payment is credited to your account. (FPU will credit your payment on the same day we receive it. However, please allow up to 5 days for mail delivery.)

Pay By Phone

Call 877.337.3145 to take care of payments by phone. Please have your FPU account number and method-of-payment handy. A small fee may apply.

Pay By EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Sign up to have your monthly FPU payment automatically deducted from your checking account.
Sign Up Now for EFT

Make A Payment At Your Local FPU Office

To find out if walk-in payment service is available at your specific location, click here. Certain restrictions may apply.

Pay At FPU’s Partner Payment Centers

You can also choose to pay at one of FPU’s Partner Payment Centers (including Western Union) to take advantage of greater payment accessibility and flexible service. Customer benefits typically include payment service without fees, extended hours (including evenings and weekends), receipt of payment, and more!

Please Note: Payment options at most of FPU’s Partner Payment Centers will normally include cash, money orders and debit cards only – and it may take up to three days to credit your FPU account. You must also bring your FPU bill in order to make a payment, and a processing fee may apply.

Find the nearest FPU Partner Payment Center location.

Find the nearest Western Union location.

western union

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