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Medical Necessity

If you or a member of your household relies on life-sustaining equipment, such as heart monitors, oxygen concentrators or a CPAP, please download this the Medical Necessity Packet.  If you would like assistance, please call us at 800-427-7712 and we can walk you through the process.

To qualify for our Health Alert program there are two forms we need to have completed and on file.  The first form is a completed Request for Medical Necessity Certification form.  This form is completed by the Utility Account Holder.  The second form is a Certificate of Medical Necessity and must be completed by your health care practitioner (HCP) certifying service is “medically essential to sustain the life of or avoid serious medical complications requiring immediate hospitalization of the customer or another permanent resident at the service location”, including any medical equipment in use in the home.  The certificate shall explain briefly and clearly, in medical and non-medical terms, why continuance of electrical service is medically essential.  Both the Request for Medical Necessity Certification and the Certificate of Medical Necessity are included in this packet.

Please remember, if someone in your home is dependent on continuously operating electric-powered medical equipment, plan to have a backup power or to relocate during extended outages.  Depending on the severity of damage due to an accident or storm it may take our crews several hours, days or even weeks to restore service to all customers depending on the circumstances.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during these times.  We will work as quickly and safely as possible to restore your power.  During major storm outages, you will receive updates on our efforts to restore service from the local media, please monitor these outlets to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.  It is important to keep your contact information current.  During localized outages, we will call the numbers on your account to confirm your power has been restored.

Your letter must be returned within thirty (30) days of the date of this letter to enable us to continue your account on Health Alert status. Please mail your letter to 780 Amelia Island Parkway Fernandina, FL 32034 or your Doctor may fax it to us at (855) 212-5011

If you have any questions, concerns or to report an outage during normal business operations, please call us at (800) 427-7712.  During a hurricane our office is evacuated and will not be manned until AFTER the storm, please call us as soon as possible to report downed lines or outages.


Download Certificate of Medical Necessity


Return the completed forms to:

From Doctor’s Office only:
Fax: (855) 212-5011
Email:  [email protected]
OR MAIL Completed Package to:
Florida Public Utilities
c/o Customer Care –
780 Amelia Island
Fernandina Beach FL 32034