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Online Billing FAQs

Florida Public Utilities Online Billing FAQs give you answers to our most frequently asked questions. Find out how to make one-time payments, view your bill, avoid common fees, and other popular inquiries about paying online.

Where do I go to make an online payment or manage my account?

Simply select the Pay/Manage Account link located at the top of FPU’s homepage, or click on the following link:

From there you can select the Log In button if you are already enrolled in Online Bill Manager, or the Sign Up button to start the registration process.

You can also make an online payment without going through the enrollment process when you click on the Make a One-Time Payment option. However, please be aware that you will be unable to view your bill, as well as any additional terms, fees and limitations that may apply.

Can I view my bill online without making an online payment?

Yes. But in order to view your bill online, you must be enrolled in Online Bill Manager. While providing certain bank information is required for enrollment, funds will not be drafted unless you schedule a payment—and you do not need to make an online payment in order to view your bill.

Please click on the following link and select the Sign Up button to get started:

Why do I have to provide bank information just to view my bill?

Online Bill Manager is enabled and operated by EzPay, an independent third-party system specifically set up as a payment database, and FPU is planning to make improvements that will eliminate the need for this in the future. If you wish to view your bill and sign up for Online Bill Manager in the meantime, funds will not be drafted from your bank account unless you take the steps needed to schedule a payment.

What else should I know about using Online Bill Manager?

Online Bill Manager only accepts payments 3-20 days prior to the due date on your bill.It is also important to note that once you are registered, you will automatically receive online statements only, and paper bills will no longer be mailed to you. You can request paper statements by calling us Mon-Fri, 7AM-7PM, at 800-427-7712.

Can I make a one-time payment without enrolling in Online Bill Manager?

Yes. You can make an online payment and skip the registration process by selecting the Make a One-Time Payment option on the following link:

However, please be aware that you will not be able to view your account number or bill amount, so please obtain this information prior. There is a $2.25 (per $750) processing fee charged by the vendor.

Why am I charged a minimum of $2.25 in order to make an online payment?

The minimum of a $2.95 processing fee only applies if you choose not to enroll in Online Bill Manager, and instead opt to make a one-time payment through EZPAY. Also, since EZPAY is an independent, third-party service, FPU does not have control over the fees and terms provided—and we plan to improve our online payment capabilities in the future.

How do I know my payment was received when I pay online?

A confirmation number will be provided immediately after you make your payment, followed by an email confirming that your payment was received. You can also view your payment status by logging into your Online Bill Manager account. If you make a one-time payment with Quick Pay and do not receive a confirmation email, you must contact us at 800-427-7712 in order to check your payment status.

Are there any additional steps I should take if my payment is past due?

If you are past due at the time you make a payment online, at an FPU Partner Payment Center location, etc., please call our customer service department directly to discuss your bill. This will help us prevent disruption to your service and other non-payment issues.

How do I set my bill up for automatic withdrawals with Auto pay?

You can enroll in EZBILLING to set up monthly payments to automatically be deducted from your checking or savings account with no fee.