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Propane for Builders


Homebuyers want the efficiency, reliability and comfort of gas. You want your homes to receive ENERGY STAR certification, LEED certification and continued code compliance. See how including the CGS™ propane distribution system (and cleaner, more efficient gas appliances) can mean better things for both you and your homebuyers.

Call your local propane office to learn more!

Energy Star Partner Logo ENERGY STAR® Version 3 Is Here!

family enjoying the comfort of natural gasAs a homebuilder, you deserve to know that your homes are built to the highest possible standards. In addition to providing quality training, expert insights and added peace-of-mind, FPU’s utility-sponsored ENERGY STAR Version 3 Program will ensure that your new homes are:

  • Sealed and insulated properly and inspected by a third-party ENERGY STAR verifier
  • Equipped with properly designed and installed heating and air conditioning systems. (‘Duct work’ will be tested to verify that it is sealed properly and meets ENERGY STAR requirements)
  • Built to prevent issues ranging from internal moisture to external drainage
  • Tested and measured for potential problems concerning air quality/leakage
  • 15-30% more energy-efficient than ‘code built’ homes

Call your local propane office and see how we can help you obtain ENERGY STAR certification for your new homes.