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Did You Know That Gas Appliances…?

  • Enable foodservice establishments to continue to cook, use hot water* and serve customers—even when the power goes out
  • Enable greater versatility and promote cleaner energy practices
    *In the event of a power outage, a gas tank-style water heater continues to operate automatically while a tankless water heater requires a simple battery.

For more on specific foodservice appliances, see below.

 Gas Ranges:

  • Provide precise temperature control, even heat and instant on/off
  • Are preferred by more than 9-out-of-10 chefs


  • Gas Chinese Ranges provideintense heat and rapid transfer to help maintain exotic flavors and crisp textures
  • Gas Stockpot Ranges can hold up to fifty pounds of food—and still provide unmatched precision and even heat distribution

Gas Ovens:

  • Heat food up to 25% faster than their non-gas counterparts
  • Provide ‘moister’ heat for superior cooking results
  • Are available in conventional, radiant, convection and combination models


Gas Boiler-less Combination Ovens:

  • Combine high-quality convection and steam-heat cooking
  • Retain moisture and reduce shrinkage
  • Yield more meat product
  • Save a substantial amount of water and time

 Gas Bake/Roast Ovens:

  • Give food a distinct ‘open flame’ flavor
  • Reduce cooking times
  • Help increase the shelf life of cooked products

 Gas Rack/Tray Ovens:

  • Feature rotating racks and provide easy ‘glass viewing’
  • Greatly improve cooking speeds and food consistency
  • Enable chefs to cook different menu items together or separately

Gas Barbeque/Rotisserie Ovens:

  • Provideeven heat and help preserve moisture
  • Showcase gas’ signature flame for a more attractive display

Gas Deck/Pizza Ovens:

  • Provide enhanced heat distribution
  • Are designed to save space and increase production
  • Come in a variety of models with a wide range of options

Additional Gas Cooking Appliances

  • Gas Griddles improve cooking speeds and heat retention
  • Gas Broilers provide immediate heat response on-demand while eliminating smoke
  • Gas Double-Sided Cookers can cut cooking times in half while sealing in the best possible quality and flavor
  • Gas Cook/Chill Equipment delivers higher yields with less shrinkage
  • Gas Tilting Skillets can reduce total cooking time by up to 25% while maintaining consistent cooking temperatures with thermostatic controls
  • Gas Compartment Steamers provide fast, gentle cooking for small quantities, large volumes and everything in-between
  • Gas Steam Kettles can raise cooking temperatures from 212°F at 0 psi to 298°F at 50 psi, enabling chefs to simmer certain foods at a low temperature while bringing other foods to a rapid boil 

Display Cooking

Put menu items on display in a whole new way! Gas display cooking equipment includes:

  • Griddles
  • Ranges
  • Rotisseries
  • A Variety of Ovens
  • Char-broilers
  • Cooking Island Suites
  • Fondue Equipment
  • Chinese Woks
  • And more!

Gas Water Heating & Dishwashing

  • Gas Booster Dishwashers provide instantaneous hot water and the best-possible cleaning power
  • Gas Booster Water Heaters ‘boost’ temperatures up to 180°F to effectively eliminate bacteria and grease
  • Gas Ware Washers help prevent injury and can raise temperatures higher than 160°F for the wash cycle while keeping the temperature of tap water below 120°F
  • Gas Tankless Water Heaters provide endless hot water and boast a lifespan of 20+ years


Gas Outdoor Lights/Tiki Torches:

  • Provide an inviting glow and added security
  • Help repel insects
  • Stay on—even when the power goes out

 Gas Outdoor Heaters/Chimineas:

  • Heat up to a 20-foot radius
  • Provide warmer, faster heat
  • Extend the outdoor dining season

Gas Desiccant Dehumidification Systems:

  • Improve indoor air quality and reduce excess moisture
  • Help eliminate mold, fungus and bacteria
  • Take a sizeable energy load off the AC

Gas Ventilation Systems:

  • Remove grease, smoke, heat, odor and pollutants from the air
  • Help protect the health of customers, employees and the environment
  • Are available in both infrared and freestanding models

Lodging / Hospitality

Gas Tankless Water Heaters:

  • Heat water on-demand and yield a virtually endless amount of hot water
  • Boast a lifespan of 20+ years

Gas Dryers:

  • Dry loads nearly twice as fast as non-gas dryers
  • Provide moister, gentler heat
  • Help reduce wrinkles and increase the lifespan of fabrics 

Gas Pool/Spa Heaters:

  • Heat pools in hours and spas in minutes
  • Provide up to 4 times greater heating power than non-gas pumps 

Gas Foodservice Appliances

Click for a complete list of gas foodservice appliances.

Or, learn how propane luxury/outdoor appliances can turn up the hospitality in both home and business.



Whether you are a builder, plumber or simply looking to upgrade your own commercial HVAC equipment, it’s time to take advantage of the following gas technologies. 

Gas Tankless Water Heaters

  • Heat water on-demand
  • Provide a virtually endless amount of hot water
  • Are appropriate for upscale homes with multiple and/or elaborate baths and virtually all commercial buildings/applications
  • Can be mounted on walls (saving 14-16 square feet of space)
  • Boast a lifespan of 20+ years
  • Are ENERGY STAR® Rated

Gas Tank-Style Water Heaters

  • Provide twice the hot water in half the time of non-gas water heaters
  • Stay on when the power goes out (Tankless water heaters require a simple battery)
  • Are appropriate for smaller-size dwellings
  • Cost less to purchase than tankless models

Gas Furnaces

  • Provide up to 25° warmer heat than non-gas furnaces
  • Improve air quality while eliminating drafts
  • Keep up with the lowest temperatures
  • Are up to 95% efficient 

Propane Desiccant Dehumidifiers

  • Improve indoor air quality and reduce moisture
  • Help eliminate mold, fungus and bacteria
  • Take a sizeable energy load off the AC

Gas Hydronic-Heaters

  • Provide both water heating & space heating with a single appliance
  • Feature a centrally located thermostat and use the same gas burner
  • Require little maintenance
  • Are ideal when both a new water heater & furnace are needed

NextAire Multi-zone Gas ‘Heat Pumps’

  • Provide space heating and cooling in one unit
  • Save more than 8,000 gallons of water per year