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Florida Public Utilities
Commercial Propane

Delivery & Tank Information

FPU is proud to provide propane energy through a variety of methods, including Community Gas Systems, metered gas and bulk service. Learn more about your delivery choices and tank options below.

Delivery Options 

The details of your propane deliveries will depend on a variety of factors, including your tank size, amount of usage, level of monitoring and more. FPU provides the following options to choose from.

Need help choosing the delivery method that’s best for you? Contact your local propane office for expert assistance. 

Keep Full

  • Customers using Keep Full will receive a delivery when our computer calculates that a delivery is needed
  • FPU will monitor propane levels on a consistent basis


  • Customers that take advantage of TankWatch will automatically receive propane deliveries as needed
  • FPU will monitor propane levels on a daily basis through a Remote Tank Monitoring System
  • If you include additional gas appliances or anticipate substantial changes in your energy usage, please call FPU at your local propane office so we can make adjustments to our delivery forecasting system to ensure deliveries are made in a timely manner


  • Customers who live in a community served by one of our metered gas systems will have their meter read monthly. Metered accounts may also apply to customers using a single tank

Will Call

  • Customers with Will Call are responsible for monitoring their own propane levels and must call FPU in order to receive deliveries
  • If you are a Will Call customer, please be aware that it is important to call your local propane office when your gauge reaches between 30-50%
  • Your delivery will occur whenever we are in your area but not later than one week after the date of your phone call
  • If you allow your tank to become empty and require an off-route delivery, additional charges will apply

Call your local propane office to get started!