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Propane Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Propane Safe?

Propane is considered to be one of the safest and most reliable energy sources available. Not only does the gas industry take stringent measures to ensure the best-possible pipeline safety, but the distinct ‘rotten egg’ odor added to propane allows you to detect even the smallest leak.

What Should I Do If I Suspect A Gas Leak?

If you notice a distinct ‘rotten egg’ odor or otherwise suspect a gas leak, clear your home or business immediately and call 800.427.7712 (or dial 911) once you’re safely outside. DO NOT smoke, use an indoor telephone, light a match, touch electric switches or do anything else that may cause a spark.

What Should I Do If I Run Out Of Propane?

If you run out of propane, be sure to turn off all the control valves on all your gas appliances and call your local propane office to inform FPU that you are out of gas and to arrange for a delivery. FPU also offers value-added propane services, such as TankWatch, that can ensure you always have plenty of propane—and eliminate the possibility of running out.

How Do I Know If Propane Is Available?

Call FPU at 888.220.9356 to see if propane is available for your home or business.

What Are The Benefits Of FPU Propane Service?

Benefits of starting FPU propane service include free tank installation/tank switch-outs, metered service (available at certain locations), and competitive pricing with no surcharges (including zero Hazmat, fuel recovery, regulatory or delivery fees). Call your local propane office for your free service quote!

Does FPU Offer Any Value-Added Programs For Propane Customers? 

Florida Public Utilities offers a variety of value-added services for propane customers, including TankWatch, Budget Billing, and more.

Can I Purchase Propane Appliances From FPU?

Yes. Customers can purchase a variety of propane appliances at the FPU Marketplace.

Will I Be Able To Use My Propane Appliances If I Convert My Home Or Business To Natural Gas In The Future?

While cases may vary, some manufacturers offer appliance conversion kits that allow you to convert equipment to natural gas should it become available in the future. You may also be eligible for various rebates if you choose to upgrade your non-gas (or old gas) appliances to new natural gas appliances down the road.

What Are The Major Benefits Of Propane Appliances?

Gas appliances provide many immediate and long-term benefits, including greater reliability, superior performance and more. Click on the appropriate category below to view a longer list of ‘gas advantages’.

Propane For Home

Propane For Business 

How Can I Learn More About Propane?

Contact an FPU Representative by calling 888.220.9356. Or visit the following websites: