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Propane Safety

Storm Information

Before A Hurricane

  • Move or secure all loose items (grills, patio furniture, etc.) which can blow into—and cause unnecessary damage to—your home or gas meter
  • Do not shut off your propane supply at the meter. Leave your gas supply on. (Only authorized utility or emergency personnel should turn your meter valve on or off)
  • If you so choose, you CAN turn off the gas to your individual appliances at the valve located behind each piece of equipment
  • In the event of possible flooding, customers with propane tanks can turn off the propane supply by locating the valve (usually featured on top of the tank) and turning it to the ‘off’ position, much like a water spigot
  • Protect windows with boards or storm shutters, if able
  • Place sandbags around the perimeter of your home to decrease water damage in the event of flooding
  • Be sure to have plenty of the essentials at hand, including flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food, water, any vital medications and a first aid kit (The National Hurricane Center recommends having enough to sustain your family for up to seven days) For a list of important hurricane supplies, refer to our Storm Survival Checklist
  • Storm Survival Checklist

During a Hurricane

  • Remain indoors and stay as far away from windows, skylights and glass doors as possible
  • Close all interior doors and designate a small safe room on the lowest level
  • In the unlikely event your gas service is interrupted, please do not attempt to turn your gas back on
  • Use flashlights instead of candles, and use mobile phones sparingly to conserve battery life
  • Use a communication device that runs on batteries to listen for weather/safety updates and any notices to evacuate

After A Hurricane

  • Do not operate any propane appliances that you suspect have been damaged or flooded
  • In the unlikely event that you lose gas service, be sure to contact FPU to have our trained technicians safely turn your gas back on. You can also call FPU to relight your pilot lights and inspect your appliances to ensure they are in proper working condition. (All FPU personnel carry ID to be presented upon request)
  • Do not remove fallen trees or do any digging without calling 811 to locate your utility lines and FPU to locate your propane service
  • Keep away from any loose, dangling or downed power lines and report them immediately
  • Drive only when necessary, avoiding any flooded roads, fallen objects, weakened walls/bridges and other traffic hazards

Leave the area and call 800.427.7712 immediately if:

  • Your meter or service is damaged in any way, which would be an extremely unlikely event
  • A gas pipeline has been broken or damaged
  • You smell a distinct rotten egg odor


  • Use a cell phone or telephone until securely outside the location
  • Smoke, light a match or do anything that can cause a spark which may result in an explosion or fire
  • Turn on or off any electric switches
  • Ring the doorbell or open any garage doors

Important Notice For The Disabled

If you or a member of your family is disabled and may need assistance during evacuation, you must call your Emergency Management Agency (EMA) office. A list of EMA offices can be found at the Florida Disaster website.

Storm Safety For Specific Appliances 

Many gas appliances continue to operate when the power goes out. However, certain manufacturers and models feature ‘safety valves’ that will automatically discontinue the flow of gas in the event of a power outage. Consult your user’s manual for specific operating instructions and guidelines, important safety features and more. Or, contact FPU at your local propane office and we will do our best to advise or assist you.

Propane Hurricane Safety Information

Propane Hurricane Safety
Propane Hurricane Safety (Spanish)