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Easy Pay Budget Plan

Weather, fuel costs, new appliances and a variety of other factors can cause your FPU bill to fluctuate during the year. Easy Pay Budget Plan allows you to stabilize your monthly energy costs by paying the same amount each month – preventing spikes in your bill. With FPU’s Easy Pay Budget Plan, you can leave the worrying to us. Our Easy Pay Budget Plan allows you to spread your propane costs over the entire year. All for no additional cost to you, our valued customer.

How It Works

The Easy Pay Budget Plan averages your 12 months of energy cost over 11 months with a 12th payment that will realign your account for the next season. Easy Pay Payments are due on the 15th each month.

Easy Pay Budget Plan at a Glance:

  • Equal Payments
    Spread your propane costs over the entire year.
  • Account Realignment
    Reset your account balance every year.
  • Account Reviews
    FPU will monitor your account to ensure your Easy Pay Budget amount is adequate.

Online Easy Pay Application

To become an Easy Pay Plan customer, enroll now, and your local district Customer Service Representative will contact you.
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For additional information, please download our printable brochure below:
Easy Pay Budget Plan Brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is my budget amount calculated?
Budget amounts are calculated by averaging the amounts of the last 12 bills’ energy usage. Any fixed charges are in addition to the budget amount.

Why is there a separate HomeServe charge on my bill?
All non-regulated charges are not rolled up into the budget amount and will show as a separate charge on your bill.

Why is there a separate Lights-Pole charge on my bill?
All non-regulated charges are not rolled up into the budget amount and will show as a separate charge on your bill.

What is a fixed charge?
Fixed charges are reoccurring charges for additional services. These include HomeServe and Light-Pole charges.

Why is my bill amount higher than what was budgeted?
Your monthly bill amount will increase by the fixed charge that is billed on the account.

What would cause my budget amount to increase?
It will increase if you are charged for a deposit, Merchandise, or Labor during the previous billing cycle, or your account went through a review cycle and your budget amount was adjusted.

Can I cancel budget billing at any time?
If you are not satisfied with Budget Billing, you can discontinue the service at any time. We do recommend that you stay in the program for at least 12 months to understand the true benefit of Budget Billing throughout the seasons.

If I sign up for budget billing, when will it become effective?
New Budget Billing accounts will become effective on the first of the month following enrollment.

What is the benefit of Budget Billing?
Budget Billing can stabilize your monthly energy costs and allow you to pay the same amount each month.

How often does FPU review my Budget Billing amount?
On a semi-annual basis, FPU will review your Budget Billing account to ensure that monthly budget payments are not drastically over- or under-stated.

Why will my budgeted amount be recalculated?
If you have a 10% variance of your current budgeted amount, your account will be recalculated and the revised Budget Billing amount will be assessed.

Is there an account ‘true up’?
On an annual basis, FPU will evaluate accounts on Budget Billing. Customers will NOT have to ‘true up’ the difference between the actual accounts and the amount paid through Budget Billing. Any differences will be rolled into the next year’s recalculated monthly billing amount in the form of either a debit or a credit.