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Natural Gas Distribution

Florida Public Utilities Company (FPU), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation, owns and operates about 3,154 miles of natural gas distribution mains across 25 counties in Florida and serves about 96,000 customers.

FPU continues to expand its natural gas distribution system throughout the state of Florida. In 2010, FPU purchased the natural gas operating assets of Indiantown Gas Company, adding residential customers and commercial customers in Indiantown, Florida. FPU was granted a non-exclusive franchise in 2012 to provide natural gas distribution services within the city of Okeechobee. This 33-year agreement enables FPU to bring natural gas service to both residential and commercial customers in the area.

In February 2013, FPU continued to extend its service territories and increase its customer base by purchasing the operating assets of Glades Gas Company in Okeechobee and Clewiston, Florida, in addition to the natural gas distribution and operating system from the city of Fort Meade.

About FPU
Natural Gas Distribution Mains

3,154 miles of natural gas distribution mains owned

4 Counties of Operation

25 counties of operation

33,000 Electric Customers Served

96,000 customers served

Electric Distribution

FPU owns and operates electric utility assets across four counties in Florida, distributing electricity to approximately 33,000 customers through our Northeast division in Fernandina Beach, and our Northwest division in Marianna, Florida.

Our employees are committed to safety every day. In 2018, Hurricane Michael passed through our electric distribution operation’s service territory in Northwest Florida. The hurricane caused widespread, severe damage to FPU’s infrastructure, resulting in electrical service loss to all customers in our Northwest Florida service territory. Within the first week following the storm, we restored critical medical facilities, several schools, essential services and commercial facilities. In less than a month, all customers who could receive service were restored.

Electric Distribution

Restoration Effort

Over the past several years, FPU committed more than $65 million to the electric service restoration effort, rebuilding the system with upgraded storm-hardened poles and equipment. We also created new services to improve reliability and reduce the number and duration of outages providing a safer environment for our customers.

Electric Transmission

908 miles of electric transmission and distribution mains owned

4 Counties of Operation

4 counties of operation

33,000 Electric Customers Served

33,000 electric customers served

About Chesapeake Utilities Corporation

Florida Public Utilities is a natural gas and electric distribution subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (NYSE:CPK), a diversified energy delivery company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which is engaged in natural gas transmission and distribution; electricity generation and distribution; propane gas distribution; mobile compressed natural gas utility services and solutions; and other businesses. Information about Chesapeake Utilities Corporation’s businesses is available at www.chpk.com.

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