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Natural Gas Safety Training

Gas Safety Training

Emergency responders who understand the properties and characteristics of natural gas and propane, and the procedures for responding to gas-related emergencies, are better prepared to protect their own lives and those they serve. Florida Public Utilities has Regional Safety Advisors who can help firefighters, training officers and other personnel develop the skills they need to facilitate and implement this training.

FPU offers free group emergency preparedness and communications training to emergency responders, public officials and other key groups.

Our Free Gas Safety Training Courses Include:

  • The basics of natural and propane gas
  • An overview of equipment used in emergency situations
  • The best way to respond to potentially any gas-related hazard
  • Some courses are approved by the Florida State Fire College for Continuing Educational Credits (CEUs)
  • Free refreshments

Signup Info

Complete the following form to sign up your fire department or other organization today! You can also submit signup requests and other inquires to [email protected] (our email address dedicated exclusively to first responders), or by calling us at 800.427.7712.

Natural Gas Safety Handbook for First Responders

Gas Safety Handbook For First Responders

Download this guidebook for general information about emergency procedures involving natural gas and propane. Emergency personnel can also find examples of specifics for effectively controlling multiple different types of gas emergencies.

Gas Safety Handbook For First Responders