Multifamily Projects

Florida Public Utilities’ (FPU) natural gas multifamily incentive program offers cost-saving incentives to multifamily developers and property owners. Rebates are available to offset the cost of installing natural gas piping and appliances, which makes gas service even more practical and cost-effective for multifamily applications.

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Explore Appliances and Incentives

Browse the natural gas appliances below to see all the advantages and multi-family incentives that may be available.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless units free up valuable square footage in multifamily developments by offering a compact, space-saving design. They also provide instant hot water without the wait. Get up to a $675 rebate for every natural gas tankless water heater you include in your multifamily development.



Patterned after professional models, today’s natural gas ranges offer even cooking, high-output burners and super-low simmer settings. For every natural gas range you include, get up to a $200 multifamily rebate from FPU.



A natural gas dryer is more efficient. It can dry two loads of towels in the same time it takes an electric dryer to handle one load. Get up to a $150 rebate for every dryer you include.



Air from a natural gas furnace is up to 25 degrees warmer when it comes through the vent than air from an electric heat pump. Multifamily rebates are available for up to $725 per furnace.

Why Choose Natural Gas?

An apartment that uses natural gas for water heating, gourmet cooking, clothes drying and space heating leaves about half the carbon footprint of a non-gas home. Here are more reasons to choose natural gas for your next multifamily project.

Increased Resident Satisfaction. Long-Term Gain.

In addition to encouraging residents to stay longer via increased resident satisfaction, natural gas enables many types of long-term gain. Whether it’s the upgraded appearance and perception of your building, or easier billing with automated meter readers, the advantages are wide-ranging with natural gas.

Maximize Margins on Rental Rates

Not only do residents prefer premium natural gas living; they’re willing to pay extra for it. Renters are willing to invest about $84 more in rent per month to enjoy the comfort, convenience and reliability of natural gas. For building owners, financial advantages also include lower energy bills, reduced operating costs and longer lasting systems that require less maintenance.

Improve Resident Retention

Renters want homes that are comfortable and appliances that will save them money. Natural gas is the fuel source that does it all! This means that natural gas creates happy residents. And happy residents stay longer, which means less costly turnover at your property.

Help Developments Reach Full Potential

Once natural gas is available in a unit, the creative possibilities have just begun. From fireplaces and patio lights, to outdoor kitchens and BBQ grill, more creature comforts are easily built-in with natural gas. It’s an enviable way to live.

Good for the Environment

Natural gas is today’s choice for a better tomorrow. It provides superior performance at a lower cost—with a smaller carbon footprint. Your residents can feel better knowing that natural gas is more energy efficient than non-gas energy sources. With natural gas, tenants will be encouraged to conserve energy and help the environment while enjoying cost-saving benefits too!

Minimize Costs and Maximize Space

Learn more about saving money and saving space with natural gas multifamily applications. Appliance rebate incentives are available for every unit installed, minimizing initial costs for developers during the construction phase. This is combined with space-saving designs and installation flexibility that make more living space available.

Interested in Natural Gas?

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Interested in Natural Gas?