Natural Gas Meter Reading

Our goal is to make every experience with Florida Public Utilities an outstanding one. Florida Public Utilities reads residential, commercial and industrial meters every month. You can expect to receive your bill soon after your meter is read. Please keep in mind that your bill may vary each month due to energy usage, long and short months, and holiday periods.

Accurate readings ensure that you are paying for the exact amount of natural gas you use, not an estimated amount. If for some reason we cannot read your meter in a given month, you will receive a system-generated bill, which is calculated by considering past usage and adjusting it for exact weather conditions. If a system-generated bill is incorrect, any overcharge or undercharge will be corrected the following month. Thus, you are only billed for the gas you actually use.

Don’t Hesitate: Ask to See a Company Photo ID

If a meter reader approaches your property, don’t hesitate to ask to see their company photo ID. If you’re in doubt about the identity of someone coming to your home, call us at 800.427.7712. If you feel threatened, call 911. Each meter reader is trained to read your meter accurately and to respect your property while performing this service.

How to Read Your Meter

Reading your meter is much like reading an old-fashioned clock. It may look a bit confusing because some pointers move in a clockwise direction, while others move counter clockwise. Just remember, either way – if the pointer is in between numbers, the lower number is the correct number. Read the dials from left to right. In this case, the reading is 5372.

If you want to make a comparison of your energy usage month to month, simply subtract your last reading from the current month’s reading. The difference indicates how many units of gas you have consumed. Each unit of gas is equal to 100 cubic feet or 1 Ccf. To make an accurate comparison, read your meter on the same day each month that your meter reader performs the service.

Accuracy of Your Meter

All meters are installed, tested and changed periodically for accuracy in compliance with the Florida Public Service Commission requirements. Estimated Billings, unusual conditions or the inaccessibility of your meter may prevent our meter readers from reading your meter. In such an event, you may receive an estimated bill.

Estimated Billings

Unusual conditions may prevent our meter readers from reading your meter. In such an event, you may receive an estimated bill. If we have estimated your bill, the amount will be based on the quantity of natural gas used for a similar period of time, adjusted for current conditions. Your bill will indicate that it is an estimated reading. When we read your meter the next month, we will adjust your bill to reflect any amount over or under our estimate.

To avoid estimated bills, you can assist us by:

  • Trimming brush and shrubs in front of your meter
  • Keeping pets away from the meter reader’s path
  • Requesting that we move your meter before building decks or additions, which may prevent our access.
  • Supplying a key for locked gate access