Enhance Indoor Comfort with Natural Gas

Rising electricity prices and concerns about our aging electrical grid have savvy homeowners opting for natural gas appliances. Not only do they add warmth and beauty to your home, but they are also reliable.

Because natural gas is supplied to your home through underground lines, you’ll be able to cook a hot meal and take a hot shower — even if the power goes out.

Learn how natural gas appliances keep your family comfortable while enhancing your home.

Natural Gas Water Heaters

Natural gas water heaters can heat up to twice the amount of water in the same amount of time as an electric model—which means you’re less likely to run out of hot water when you need it.

Natural gas water heaters are available in tank and tankless models. Both have significant advantages over electric and propane water heaters:

  • With fewer parts to wear out, natural gas water heaters are generally considered more durable than electric models.
  • Tankless water heaters heat water on demand, meaning you’ll almost never run out of hot water.
  • Tankless water heaters are economical. You aren’t paying to keep a large tank of water continuously heated.
  • Tankless water heaters are available in multiple sizes and with various venting options to meet your needs.

Reduced water heating time, energy expenses and greenhouse gas emissions all make natural gas water heaters a great choice.

Natural Gas Ranges

Dreaming of a beautiful natural gas range like the pros use? Patterned after models prized by professional chefs, today’s gas ranges offer even cooking, high-output burners and super-low simmer settings. Other cook-friendly features include self-cleaning ovens and vented grills.

Remember: If the power goes out, you can still cook for your family.

Natural Gas Logs and Fireplaces

Natural gas logs and fireplaces provide the warmth and charm of a glowing fire, without the mess of firewood and ashes.

More homeowners are discovering the lasting benefits of gas logs, which:

  • Operate without electricity
  • Enhance room décor
  • Produce no odors or ashes
  • Provide space heating
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Indoor air-quality friendly

Natural Gas Dryers

A natural gas dryer can dry two loads of clothes at the same time it takes for one load in an electric dryer. This precision allows your dryer to keep pace with your washing machine. Less tumbling means that natural gas dryers are gentler on your clothes. Natural gas dryers work faster and with less static and fewer wrinkles than their electric counterparts.

High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Natural gas furnaces heat your home faster. Air from a natural gas furnace is up to 25 degrees warmer when it comes through the vent than air from an electric heat pump.

Most new high-efficiency furnaces have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 95% or higher. The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the unit — and the more money you can save.

New residential furnaces will display an Energy Guide label comparing the annual fuel costs of similar-sized units.

Look for these high-tech features that improve furnace efficiency:

  • Electronic spark or hot surface ignitions eliminate the need for continuously burning pilot lights that waste fuel and increase operating costs.
  • Condensing furnaces capture most of the heat from water vapor in the exhaust, which is wasted by traditional furnaces. The exhaust gases from a condensing furnace are cool enough that they can be vented through a wall with plastic piping.

Natural Gas Space Heaters

For good reason, energy-efficient gas space heaters are growing in popularity; some of them operate during power outages. They’re also great solutions for heating small rooms or whenever you need a bit more warmth.

The two basic types of gas space heaters are:

  • Vent-free models are virtually 99% fuel-efficient and require no electricity. You can control them manually or with thermostats, and they can be mounted on walls or floors.
  • Vented models are thermostatically controlled and sit on the floor.

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