Residential Electric Rebates

Florida Public Utilities offers residential electric rebates for homes to help offset the cost of making energy-efficiency upgrades.

Residential Heating and Cooling Efficiency Upgrade Program:

Jumpstart your HVAC energy-savings with up to a $100 rebate when you:

  • Replace your current system with a high-efficiency heat pump or air conditioning system
  • Install a new high-efficiency heat pump or air conditioning system
Residential Heating & Cooling Efficiency Upgrade Program:

Rebate Amounts:

Residential Rebate Amounts
Appliance Type Customer Rebate Dealer Incentive
Type 1 - Heat Pump Replacing Resistance Heat $100 $75
Type 2 - Heat Pump Replacement $100 $25
Type 3 - Air Conditioner Replacement $100 $25
Type 4 - New Heat Pump or Air Conditioner $100 $25

In order to be eligible for a rebate, the residential customer must:

  • Replace existing equipment with—or install—a new heat pump (AHRI rating only) or central air conditioning system with a minimum rating of 15.0 SEER
  • Be the owner of the residence, which must be located in FPU’s electric service area
  • Have a ducted HVAC system
  • Submit a signed rebate application to FPUC within one year of the installation date
  • Dealer incentive will be paid to the contractor for the purchase and installation of a qualifying unit once the residential rebate is approved

Additional Details:

  • For a new heat pump installed or a heat pump being replaced, the maximum supplemental strip heating physically contained in the system shall not exceed 2 kW per nominal ton. On a system of less than 2.5 tons, a 5 kW heat strip will be allowed
  • For a heat pump using supplemental strip heating, a two-stage indoor thermostat is required
  • If replacing a straight cooling system, the residence cannot have oil or electric resistance as the primary heat source
  • The customer and/or contractor must attest that the heat pump or air conditioner installation meets all required codes and standards. FPU accepts no liability for the installation

Please note: You must file for your appliance/equipment rebates within one year from your purchase date[s]. Rebate offer expires at end of 12-month period.