Energy Education Programs

Low Income Energy Outreach Program

Residential Customers Only

FPUC’s Low Income Energy Outreach Program partners with Department of Economic Opportunity approved Low Income Weatherization Program operators by offering Residential Energy Surveys scheduled by the Low Income Weatherization Program operators, weatherization contractor training, distributing energy efficiency educational literature to participants, and hosting energy conservation events customized for low income households. The Low Income Energy Outreach Program consists of the following four major components.

Residential Energy Surveys:

The Low Income Weatherization Program operators will be responsible for scheduling Residential Energy Surveys to be conducted by FPU with the low-income households. Each low-income household receiving an FPU Residential Energy Survey will receive two LED bulbs.

Contractor Training:

Training will be provided by FPU to educate and inform weatherization contractors about thermal envelope improvement best practices, product procurement ideas, and emerging weatherization strategies. Training events will occur on an annual basis throughout each of the counties FPU serves. These efforts will include coordination with the Weatherization Assistance Program Technical Assistance Center.

Demographic Targeted Energy Materials:

Energy Conservation materials that are specifically geared towards low income households will be compiled by FPU and provided by the approved weatherization organization performing the energy improvements.

Community Conservation Events:

Annual Community Conservation events will be conducted in each of the territories that FPU serves. These events will educate and inform low income households about the weatherization programs offered in their county and depending upon the event each participant will receive two LED bulbs along with information about reading electric bills and energy conservation tips.

In order to be eligible for this program, the residential customer must:

  • Be the owner of the residence, which must be located in FPU’s electric service area
  • Meet the income verification requirements specified by the local low income weatherization organization
  • Reside in a home greater than three years old
  • Must receive an FPU Residential Energy Survey if deemed required by the low income weatherization organization

Commercial Energy Consultation Program

Commercial Customers Only

Contact FPU for your free Energy Consultation today and an FPU representative will:

  • Conduct a site visit to educate you about FPU’s commercial DSM programs
  • Assess the potential for applicable demand side management (DSM) plans
  • Conduct an electric bill review
  • Offer commercial energy saving suggestions
  • Inform you about FPU’s commercial online energy efficiency resources and tools

Commercial customers seeking to participate in the Commercial Energy Consultation Program can schedule a consultation by calling 800.427.7712.