Natural Gas Appliance Rebates

Conserve energy with natural gas and start saving even sooner! Upgrade your home with natural gas appliances and earn the following rebates when you include a natural gas water heater, natural gas range/stove, clothes dryer and furnace.

Also, earn up to $1,200 per unit when you install eligible residential natural gas space conditioning units.

Natural Gas Appliance Rebates Chart

from Electric to Natural Gas Appliances
Old Gas Appliances
Tank Water Heater $500 $350
High-Efficiency Tank Water Heater1 $550 $400
Tankless Water Heater $675 $550
Furnace $725 $500
Range $200 $100
Clothes Dryer $150 $100
Service Reactivation $350

Please note: You must file for your appliance/equipment rebates within one year from your purchase date[s]. Rebate offer expires at end of 12-month period. Rebates are subject to program terms and conditions. 1 A water heater must have an Energy Factor (EF) of .63 or greater to qualify for a high-efficiency rebate. The Service Reactivation rebate requires a minimum of 24 months of inactivity and the purchase of a new natural gas water heater.

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How To Redeem a Rebate

How to Redeem a Rebate

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How To Redeem a Rebate