Explore all the ways to pay your Florida Public Utilities bill. They’re fast, easy and convenient.

Please be aware of unaffiliated bill pay websites that may represent themselves as Florida Public Utilities. Submitting your payment using an unaffiliated payment service may result in late fees, unnecessary charges and possible service interruption. Read more about the latest scams targeting energy consumers at our Scam Awareness page.



Enjoy 24/7 access to pay your bill via phone, online or any mobile device.

One Time Payment

One-Time Payment

Submit one-time payments with your debit or credit card, with a reduced fee.

Easier To Use

Easier To Use

Easier-to-use online and phone payment systems.

Real Time Information

Real Time Information

Receive immediate payment confirmations and see your updated balance as soon as 24 hours.

Closer To You

Closer To You

Use cash to pay your bill at one of our approved retail vendors at no cost, or for a low fee.

Closer to You

Payment Options Comparison Chart

One-time payments
Online bill management
Processing fee LOW FEE FREE
Option for paperless billing
Pay with checking or savings account
Pay by text or email
View billing & payment history
Text & email notifications/reminders
Option for AutoPay or one-time payment
View current balance
Digital wallet - store your payment information
One profile can manage multiple accounts
View current bill
Pay with debit or credit card
Enrollment not required
Barcode to pay with cash at authorized retail vendors

EZ-PAY Frequently Asked Questions

Florida Public Utilities EZ-PAY FAQs give you answers to our most frequently asked questions. Find out how you will be able to make payments, view your bill and other popular inquiries.

You can submit your payment online using any mobile device, by phone or at any of our authorized retail payment locations.

Yes. But in order to view your bill online, you must enroll in EZ–PAY. You do not need to make an online payment in order to view your bill.

No, you do not need to provide bank information to view your bill. If you wish to view your bill, you will need to enroll in EZ-PAY Account.
Your name, email address, phone number and a password.
Yes. You will be able to make an online payment and skip the registration process by selecting the Make a One-Time Payment option. Once your payment is in the cart, click on Go to Checkout and select Continue as Guest.
There will be a $2.25 (per $750) processing fee charged by the vendor.

Each transaction must not exceed $750. If the amount is over $750, you will need to submit multiple payments. If you attempt to make a payment over $750, you will receive a message that says your payment is invalid.

We have a network of authorized payment locations that may be convenient for you.

Please visit the EZ-PAY site, enter your account number, and select Cash option. Next, enter your zip code to find an authorized retail location nearest you.

Please present your monthly bill with the barcode listed on the back, via mobile or printed slip, for the retailer to scan. You will receive an email or text confirmation of your payment.

There is no fee to pay with cash at our expanded network of authorized payment retailers.
No, you will not need a copy of your bill. You can submit your payment by showing the barcode via mobile or printed slip. The bar code is tied to your account number so you will be able to use the same bar code each time. To access your bar code, please visit the EZ-PAY site and select the Cash option. Next, enter your zip code to find an authorized retailer’s location nearest you. A payment slip will be generated with a special bar code. Present this barcode, via mobile or printed slip, to the retailer to scan. You will receive an email or text confirmation of your payment.

No, you will be able to make on-demand payments via credit card, PIN-less debit or by checking account without registering.

Yes, balance information will be available to you on the automated phone system.
You can still dial 1-866-281-6483 and follow the prompts or you can pay directly by calling 1-833-77EZPAY (1-833-773-9729). Fees will apply.

Payments made by 8p.m. will typically post to your account the next business day. Payments made after 8p.m. may take up to two business days to post.

When entering the account number on the automated phone system, the entire number and dashes will need to be entered using the star button ‘*’ to represent the dashes (-) in the number.

For example: if the account number is 01-11110, it should be keyed in as 01*11110.

After making a payment, you will receive a confirmation number.
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