Energy Tools to Help You Save

We are committed to helping you save on energy costs where possible. Explore these valuable tools designed to help you make smarter energy decisions that can lower your monthly energy bills while discovering new savings opportunities.

Use Our Free Online Energy Savings Tool

Get a free custom evaluation of your energy use with expert insight on potential savings opportunities.

Electric Vehicle Calculator

See how driving an electric vehicle can reduce your monthly expenses and CO2 emissions. Use today’s most popular brands to calculate how much you could be saving each month.

Appliance Calculator

Learn how different home appliances contribute to your annual electric costs. Find areas to reduce or plan for future purchases.

Gas Efficiency Calculator

How does natural gas compare to other home heating options? See just how efficient natural gas can be in your home.

Heat Pump Calculator

Maintaining a comfortable climate in your home can be a significant portion of monthly energy cost. See how heating your home with an electric heat pump affects your bill.