Notice to Customers

It is our honor to be your natural gas service provider. You are our valued customer, and as such, we are providing this notice to inform you of new rates that will be effective on January 1, 2024.

On February 21, 2023, Florida Public Utilities Company (“FPUC”) filed for approval of its Gas Utility Access and Replacement Directive or GUARD Program. GUARD will replace the former GRIP program. Similar to the Company’s GRIP program, GUARD enables the Company to enhance the safety, reliability and accessibility of portions of its natural gas distribution system. These include the following: relocation of mains and service lines located in rear easements and other difficult to access areas to the front along the street and replacement of potentially problematic distribution mains, services and M&R equipment identified since GRIP was implemented, as well as correction of other similar situations involving the location or compromised condition of facilities, particularly in well-populated areas. The Company sought approval of a 10-year program, at an estimated cost of $215 million and a cost recovery mechanism to allow the Company to expedite the remediation of these issues that the Company has identified as potentially impacting the safety and reliability of service to its customers, as well as the public in general. None of the contemplated projects proposed in this program were included in the Company’s recently approved rate case.

On August 2, 2023, the Commission approved the Company’s petition and recovery mechanism with rates effective January 1, 2024. Below are the rate comparison of 2023 GRIP and proposed 2024 GUARD rates per therm for sales service and transportation customers.

Rate Schedule GRIP
RES-1 and REST-1 $0.11016 $0.05887
RES-2 and REST-2 $0.04443 $0.03263
RES-3 and REST-3 $0.01869 $0.01557
RES-SG and SGT $0.07555 $0.04523
GS-1 and GTS-1 $0.03653 $0.02654
GS-2 and GTS-2 $0.01449 $0.01824
GS-3 and GTS-3 $0.01264 $0.01686
GS-4 and GTS4 $0.01164 $0.01621
GS-5 and GTS-5 $0.01075 $0.01451
GS-6 and GTS-6 $0.01062 $0.01356
GS-7 and GTS-7 $0.01041 $0.01249
GS-8A and GTS-8A $0.01032 $0.01559
GS-8B and GTS-8B $0.01032 $0.01559
GS-8C and GTS-8C $0.01032 $0.01559
GTS-8D and GTS 8D $0.01032 $0.01559
COM-INT and COM-INTT $0.00522 $0.00710
COM-NGV and COM-NGVT $0.00826 $0.01161
COM-OL and COM-OLT $0.01144 $0.02092
COM-SG and COM-SGT $0.05750 $0.05010