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Florida Public Utilities
Electric Rebate and Conservation Information

Electric Rebates For Home And Business

Florida Public Utilities offers electric rebates for home and business.

With rebates on a variety of residential and commercial energy-efficient upgrades, you can upgrade to the latest high-efficiency appliances and equipment, conserve energy every month—and save money right from the start!


Residential Rebates

Commercial Rebates

How to Redeem & Track Rebates

Home Energy Check-Ups



What Is Florida’s Energy Conservation Program? 

The goal of Florida’s Energy Conservation Program is to protect the environment, help conserve precious energy resources, and help guide our state toward a cleaner, more secure energy alternative. By working with FPU to offer energy conservation rebates and other incentives that offset the initial cost of including energy-efficient upgrades, Florida’s Energy Conservation Program aims to help ensure a brighter energy future for Florida homes, businesses and beyond.