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Residential Electric Rebates

Florida Public Utilities offers residential electric rebates for homes to help offset the cost of making energy-efficiency upgrades.

Residential Heating & Cooling Efficiency Upgrade Program:

Jumpstart your HVAC energy-savings with up to a $100 rebate when you:

  • Replace your current system with a high-efficiency heat pump or air conditioning system
  • Install a new high-efficiency heat pump or air conditioning system

Rebate Amounts:



Type 1 – Heat pump replacing resistance heat $100 $75
Type 2 – Heat pump replacement $100 $25
Type 3 – Air conditioner replacement $100 $25
Type 4 – New heat pump or air conditioner $100 $25

In order to be eligible for a rebate, the residential customer must:

  • Replace existing equipment with—or install—a new heat pump (AHRI rating only) or central air conditioning system with a minimum rating of 15.0 SEER
  • Be the owner of the residence, which must be located in FPU’s electric service area
  • Have a ducted HVAC system
  • Submit a signed rebate application to FPUC within one year of the installation date
  • Dealer incentive will be paid to the contractor for the purchase and installation of a qualifying unit once the residential rebate is approved

Additional Details:

  • For a new heat pump installed or a heat pump being replaced, the maximum supplemental strip heating physically contained in the system shall not exceed 2 kW per nominal ton. On a system of less than 2.5 tons, a 5 kW heat strip will be allowed
  • For a heat pump using supplemental strip heating, a two-stage indoor thermostat is required
  • If replacing a straight cooling system, the residence cannot have oil or electric resistance as the primary heat source
  • The customer and/or contractor must attest that the heat pump or air conditioner installation meets all required codes and standards. FPU accepts no liability for the installation

Apply for Your Rebate Online!

Download Rebate Form


Please note: You must file for your appliance/equipment rebates within 1 year from your purchase date[s]. Rebate offer expires at end of 12-month period.