Nassau County, FL, September 10, 2014—The Nassau County Economic Development Board (NCEDB), a non-profit corporation, announced today Aleida Socarras, Director of Marketing and Sales at Florida Public Utilities (FPU) has been selected to serve on the organization’s Board of Directors. Ms. Socarras replaces former Board member Mark Cutshaw, also with FPU.

The NCEDB was formed in 1995 as a public-private partnership to provide leadership and develop policies and programs that will foster a diversified and financially strong business community, which will enhance the quality of life in Nassau County. We are committed to help broaden and diversify the local tax base and to assist with the creation of high-quality, diversified jobs within all areas of Nassau County. The NCEDB promotes Nassau County as a business destination, as well as, serves as a workforce development liaison between local businesses and educators.

Ms. Socarras is the Director of Marketing and Sales at Florida Public Utilities, a natural gas, propane and electric company serving the Florida market. Florida Public Utilities recently relocated its corporate headquarters to Amelia Island, FL (Nassau County). Aleida joined Florida Public Utilities in March 2011. She directs the company’s communication, marketing, sales, energy conservation and technology integration departments. In her role, Aleida provides leadership for the company’s growth and business innovation strategy as well as directing the company’s program and strategic business development efforts. Most recent accomplishments include the successful negotiation of the company’s first municipal natural gas system acquisition and the successful launch of the company’s 2013 marketing campaign which received a nationally recognized award from the Southern Gas Association.

“We are thrilled to have Ms. Socarras join our Board,” said Steve Rieck, Executive Director for NCEDB. “Our Board provides a great deal of leadership and business experience, but more importantly, they share a passion for economic development in Nassau County, which translates to a better quality of life for all residents.”

“Economic development activities improve quality of life in the communities we serve by creating jobs and expanding economic opportunities. FPU wants to be a trusted partner for the NCEDB and other economic development organizations. We can be a resource at their disposal to provide prospective businesses with infrastructure assessment, technical information and energy rate comparisons. This assistance can help mitigate risk for prospective businesses and can help speed up the decision making process”, expressed Socarras.

Ms. Socarras earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida International University and a Masters of Industrial Psychology from the University of Texas at El Paso.

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