Jeff Householder, Kevin Webber, Mark Cutshaw, Bill Grant, Buddy Shelley, Warren DiNapoli, Barry Kennedy and Aleida Socarras were honored with 2017’s Industry Excellence Award, in the Production Category, at the Southeastern Electric Exchange (SEE) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Warren DiNapoli, Electric Division Operations Manager, and Mark Cutshaw, Director Business Development and Generation, accepted the award on behalf of the above-named group for outstanding development and execution of Eight Flags Combined Heat Power Plant.

The annual SEE event, conducted June 28-30, affords opportunities to meet and network with industry professionals and acknowledge and reward achievement.

FPU colleagues and friends of those recognized stand together with the SEE council and its members in celebrating our specialists and appreciating their tremendous value to our Company and the industry.

Pictured l-r: Bryan Olnick, VP Operations, Florida Power & Light & Chairman, Engineering & Operations Committee for SEE; Warren DiNapoli, Mark Cutshaw, and Jim Collins, Executive Director, SEE.