The Fred Pryor Marketing Person of the Year award was presented to Danielle Mulligan, FPU’s Manager of Marketing and Demand Side Management Programs at this year’s Florida Natural Gas Association’s annual operating and marketing conference on September 20, 2018.

Nominated by Kevin Webber, Vice President of Business Development and Gas Operations, the entrant must have demonstrated outstanding performance and marketing efforts in the natural gas industry. As Kevin illustrated in his submission, Danielle is inventive and forward-looking, always putting her team before her. She is passionate and dynamic in her role at the Company and has brought that pioneering mentality to the FNGA in service to the Association and as past Chair of the FNGA Marketing Committee. Danielle joined Florida Public Utilities in 2010 as a conservation representative and rose through the ranks where she now has responsibility for multiple diverse departments including marketing, energy conservation, and business processes for FPU’s Marketing and Sales departments.

An exceptional accomplishment for Danielle was successfully orchestrating and managing FPU’s role during the first hurricane storm season crisis. Her strategy resulted in the formation of procedures and practices that will serve as the model by which the Company will conduct itself in a crisis going forward. This behavior created immeasurable goodwill within our service communities. Social media, under Danielle’s leadership, has become the preferred communications channel for crisis management and customer engagement. Danielle and her team successfully executed a social media tactic that succeeded in, keeping customers safe and well-informed before, during and following Hurricane Irma. The strategy garnered national acclaim from Chartwell and PR News in 2018 for Best Practices in Outage Communications and Social Media/Community Engagement.

Danielle is unafraid to create a new environment and introduce innovative thought and processes. She is respected and admired by her peers and associates and is revered for her progressive outlook. Congratulations Danielle. You are a great asset and we’re so fortunate to call you one of our own!