Eight Flags, LLC CHP Plant

Eight Flags, LLC Construction Update

Construction of Chesapeake Utilities’ Eight Flags, LLC project continues. As part of the construction process, a procedure known as a “steam blow” has been scheduled on April 5th, from 7:30am to 3:30pm. All steps have been taken to reduce the noise level as much as possible but area residents can expect to hear noise coming from the plant. A silencer has been installed and we have also made provisions to collapse the steam with water to keep reduce the noise level. This is one more step toward the successful completion of the cogeneration plant that will provide reliable and economically reasonable priced green energy to the area.

The Eight Flags combined heat and power plant will generate steam for Rayonier Advanced Materials and will produce approximately 20MW of base load power, which FPU will purchase for distribution to its electric retail customers. The facility is scheduled to begin operations later this year.

For additional information regarding the Eight Flags combined heat and power plant, visit: http://www.chpk.com/eight-flags-energy/