March 21, 2013—Tom Moen, an FPU employee, helped saved the life of a fellow diner by utilizing the ongoing CPR training he acquired through the Company.

A Safety Compliance and Training Coordinator for FPU’s Northeast Florida Division, Moen was dining out with his wife on March 1st when an elderly man collapsed and stopped breathing. After establishing the absence of a pulse, Moen administered a total of nine chest compressions before the collapse victim regained consciousness and other crucial vitals.

The man was fairly stable and fully responsive by the time paramedics arrived, thanks to Moen’s actions, which also included controlling the blood loss resulting from the fall.

“I am very proud to have been trained by FPU in CPR,” said Moen, who has fifteen years of training as a CPR student and eight months of experience as a certified CPR instructor.  “It is truly a great aid to the community.”