Andrew & Alyssa Rhoads, children of Philip Zimmer, Natural Gas Manager, with Jillian & Trisha Zimmer; Adriana and Crystal Allegretti, Propane Clerk; Audrey, Sandy, Madeline Hughes with Wade Hughes, Commercial Sales Representative, and Mackenzie Hughes.

In support of the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, Florida Public Utilities’ Inglis division cheerfully participated in the Crystal River Christmas Parade on the evening of December 3rd. The single largest parade of the year was very well-attended. FPU employees, in matching t-shirts, handed out “Mardi Gras”-style beads, from which a medallion hung with the Company logo and an energy conservation message. High fives abounded and some of the children jumped aboard the fully-decorated FPU trailer and sang!

It was a great event, further displaying FPU’s commitment to our neighbors and the communities we serve.