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Natural Gas Safety

Natural Gas Safety

Our Commitment

At Florida Public Utilities, safety is our number one priority, mission and investment. Not only is our emergency team on duty 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, but we take ongoing pro-active measures to maintain our solid safety record, as well as overall industry integrity.

These include:

  • Visual inspection programs
  • Design and construction techniques
  • Continual workforce training
  • Industry safety practices and government oversight
  • Pipeline markers and facility mapping
  • Regularly testing emergency procedures and communications
  • Public education programs
  • And more! 

Did You Know…?

  • The nationwide natural gas industry spends over $6 billion each year on safety alone
  • Natural gas is considered trusted, reliable and safe by an estimated 800,000 homes and businesses across Florida
  • Underground pipelines greatly reduce the need for the vehicular transportation of gas, leading to safer roads and cleaner air

What You Can Do

While natural gas leaks and related incidents are rare, please do the following to ensure the best-possible safety.

  • Have your natural gas appliances installed and maintained by a preferred FPU Energy Partner
  • If you choose to install your natural gas appliance(s), check the local codes and closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Operate appliances according to their instructions and intended purpose (Do not use a range to heat a room, etc.)
  • Know how to sense possible danger and be able to recognize the ‘rotten egg’ smell that could potentially indicate a natural gas leak

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