November 21, 2011–From newspaper ads to television commercials, Florida Public Utilities has long-informed customers that
‘9-out-of-10 chefs prefer cooking with natural gas’. Now, new research indicates that the numbers behind such a statement may be, in fact, stronger than the words.

According to a June survey conducted by Fryett Consulting Group and sponsored by the Energy Solutions Center, a resounding 98% of the chefs selected prefer gas as their ‘primary energy source for their primary cooking equipment’. Over 93% of these chefs attributed their preference to ‘Consistent and Even Control of the Heat’ while ‘Gas is Faster’ and ‘Better Cooking Results’ were among other popular insights as to ‘why’.

Further strengthening the preferred dominance of gas appliances in the commercial foodservice industry is the rising correlation between equipment sales and fuel type. When considering the actionable role of gas-powered appliances in commercial kitchens nationwide, the survey reports that over 90% of all ranges purchased are now powered by gas. According to the same findings, this buying trend also translates to approximately 85% of all free-standing fryers, 96% of all broilers, and 65% of all free-standing convection ovens, to name a few.

Conducted via telephone, the survey featured more than 100 chefs from over 41 different states, three of which worked in Florida. Participants were selected at random from a base of 500,000-plus commercial foodservice operators nationwide.

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