Public Officials: Get Gas Safety Updates

Public Officials: Get Gas Safety Updates

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Pipeline Safety for Public Officials

As a public official, you play a key role in implementing and promoting gas safety practices. Contact us for information specific to your area regarding:

  • Information about pipelines that cross your area of jurisdiction
  • How community or government land use decisions can affect your pipelines – and ultimately public safety
  • Hazards associated with any releases
  • Steps we take to prevent incidents and mitigate their impact in the unlikely even that they occur
  • How to inform us of questions or concerns regarding public safety, Integrity Management issues, emergency preparedness, public awareness or land use practices
Pipeline Safety for Public Officials
Public Officials Safety Survey

Public Officials Safety Survey

Help us do our part to keep the public safe and informed by completing the following survey. Your feedback will help us improve our public education efforts, so we can both do our part to best serve the community.

Important Gas Pipeline Safety Reminders

Important Gas Pipeline Safety Reminders

If you are the first to respond to a gas-related incident:

  • Call 800.427.7712 and alert FPUC’s emergency response team
  • Protect the public by evacuating and securing the area and call for traffic control and emergency services, if neededHazards associated with any releases
  • Use only intrinsically safe equipment
  • Use a combustible gas indicator, if available, to determine the location of the leak
  • DO NOT attempt to operate our pipeline system equipment
  • DO NOT turn on/off any vehicles or equipment
  • DO NOT use any devices that could create a spark, including cell phones, flashlights, etc

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