October 15, 2012— While ‘Seagull Industries For The Disabled’ aims to empower special needs individuals, after FPU helped sponsor their Third Annual Chef Event, the non-profit organization went out of its way to make FPU (and one employee, in particular) feel special. Marni Greenberg, Director of Special Events/Public Relations, expressed gratitude on behalf of herself and her organization by writing:

“(Dear Bonnie and FPU),

I can’t thank you enough in just one sentence.
Bonnie being on our committee for the Third Annual Chef Event has boosted our team spirit and morale! Having someone who is so dedicated and who truly cares for our cause has re-inspired me to understand the meaning of why we are here at Seagull. Bonnie has taken the initiative to have FPU be a sponsor as well as gaining additional sponsors and wonderful silent auction items. The sense of commitment our committee has, brings such positive energy. We all feed off of everyone’s great ideas. It has been such a pleasure personally and professionally getting to know Bonnie. I wish I had met her when I began with Seagull. Bonnie, thank you from the bottom of my heart!”