L-r: Dave Pluta, Manager Propane Operations; Steve Hetland, Manager Propane Operations; Preya John, Manager Propane Operations; Greg Blazina, Director Propane Operations; Dana Tindall, Manager Propane Operations and Kevin Webber, Vice President Business Development & Gas Operations

Florida Propane Gas Association’s (FPGA) annual convention in Bonita Springs, Florida was held in July, during which Greg, Director Propane Operations, was officially passed the Presidential “Torch”. Previously, Greg held the positions of Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President and President-elect.

As is customary in this Association, a member of the organization is nominated to serve as an Officer. Vetting determines the candidate’s continued support and involvement in the FPGA. Once elected, the nominee, in this case Greg, follows the natural progression of roles.

Greg has a rich history in the propane industry, having grown up in it. Greg worked for his dad’s LP business through his Middle and High School years, learning all elements of the industry, having served in every possible position, from the bottom, up. Joining FPU in 2006, he has enjoyed well-deserved advancement to his current rank, having a profound impact on FPU’s propane business unit.

During this year’s convention, Bob Hill, Florida Public Utilities’ Director of Propane-retired, was presented with the prestigious “FPGA Hall of Flame” award for his dedication and service to the propane industry throughout his career.

Congratulations Greg. Hail to the Chief!