June 9, 2014— Over the course of the next few weeks, FPU will be conducting system improvements that will require the closing of the following roads in Fernandina Beach:

  • Single, town-bound lane on 8th street (between Sadler Road and Lime Street)
  • Single, northbound lane on First Coast Highway (between Scott Road and Ian Drive)

As the next step in FPU’s reliability improvement initiative, the Company will transfer primary distribution lines and 69kV transmission facilities from mature wood poles to sturdier concrete poles. During this time, local customers may also experience short-term interruption to their electric service.

FPU is committed to minimizing traffic interruptions and other related effects until work is complete; any anticipated outages will be coordinated with business owners to mitigate impact to commerce.

During 2014, FPU plans to replace more than thirty wood transmission poles with concrete poles; a substation transformer will also be substituted. Such upgrades are the latest in a series of capital improvements enacted over the past three years to strengthen the integrity of the Company’s electric system and increase customer satisfaction. Fewer power outages and faster restoration times are among the measurable results to date.